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Lecture ACM Coatings GmbH: "Deep black coatings for faster and more reliable diagnostics".

Rheintal, 10.08.2020

On the trail of the virus: Deep black coatings for scattered light suppression ensure faster and more reliable diagnostics" is the title of the presentation by Alexander Telle, Managing Director of the German Acktar subsidiary ACM Coatings GmbH. Acktar is the world market leader for deep black materials and coatings as well as a solution provider for stray light suppression in the wavelengths VIS, SWIR and MWIR. Telle will explain the possibilities these technologies offer in virus diagnosis at the free high-tech congress N-Tec Talks during W3+ Rheintal 2020 on 23 and 24 September 2020 in Dornbirn. Find out more about the complete N-Tec Talks lecture programme! 

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