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Key Notes & Lectures & Innovation Areas

N-Tec Talks - eNabling Technologies

NEW Up-to-date knowledge transfer with the new HighTech Congress parallel to the fair:

The N-Tec Talks provide information on the latest technical developments and legal framework conditions. Representatives of the most important technology companies will present product concepts and technologies.

Two days - four topics:

Program N-Tec Stage

Wednesday 26, February 2020

Medical Technology

Technology & Management

Program N-Tec Stage

Thursday 27, February 2020

Technology & Management

Production of the future


  • NEW Collaborating robots: Thanks to increasing safety technologies, people will be able to work more closely with robots in the future. Collaborating robotics applications will fundamentally change the way people work together. Find out more from the exhibitors in this special area. The IHK conference "Collaborating Robots" will take place on 26.02.2020 during the trade fair and is subject to a fee. Here you will get interesting insights into the current user areas of Kobots. Tickets are available here.
    Please be aware that the conference is held in German.
  • 3D-Printing / Additive Manufacturing: This is where the future is printed. Additive manufacturing is the magic formula for the economical production of complex components in small quantities. Let the exhibitors in the special area present solutions for your requirements.
  • Microtechnologies for Optical Devices: The international professional association for microtechnology IVAM presents the latest developments in the fields of optics and photonics. IVAM member companies present themselves as exhibitors at the joint stand. 

IHK Conference


Thanks to increasing safety technologies, people will be able to work more closely with robots in the future. Collaborative robotics applications will fundamentally change the way people work together. This cooperation enables the strength, reproducibility and continuity of machines in the industrial production process to be combined with the flexibility, adaptability and intelligence of humans. The result is a completely new combination that increases production efficiency and flexibility. Employees can also be physically relieved. A lower need for safety cells also saves space and costs and enables more flexible use in the production area.

Participants at the event will gain an insight into the current areas of application of the so-called Kobots.

  • Organizer: IHK Lahn-Dill and IHK Hessen innovative in cooperation with and Wetzlar Network and Technologieland Hessen.
  • Target group: ground manager, production manager, automation manager and other interested parties
  • Contact IHK Hessen Innovative: Dr. Gernot Horst, phone; +49 6441 9448-1250 Email: horst@lahndill.ihk.de

Tickets for the IHK conference can be found here.


Asphericon Academy

The Asphericon Academy conveys the latest findings on aspheres, freeform, manufacturing and metrology in two-hour workshops. The deep-dive short events will be held in English at the W3+ Fair in Wetzlar. Expert Ulrike Fuchs introduces the participants to the topic and provides valuable tips.

Please find more information here.

Registration for the workshops here.

Student Day

On 27 February 2020 the time has come! We invite all interested students to the W3+ Fair  Student Day. At the one-day event, you will have the unique opportunity to participate in the Top Employer Pitch, exchange ideas with top decision-makers about projects and entry opportunities and expand your professional and private network.

In addition to top employers, keynotes, networking and visiting the campus, design to business and recruiting areas, we have another treat for you:


When: 27 February 2020
Where: Rittal Arena Wetzlar
Who:  Students
Mit: Over 200 companies from the fields of optics, electronics, mechanics and high-tech innovations.

More information will be available shortly.