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Universal Photonics Incorporated

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85 Jetson Lane
11722 Central Islip, NY

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+1 516-935-4000


+1 516-935-4039


  • F&E, Applikationsentwicklung- und labor
  • Maschinen für Optikfertigung
  • Objektive
  • Verbrauchsmaterial für Optikfertigung

company profile

Universal Photonics® Incorporated is a world-leader in critical surfacing preparation materials. Our dedication to the advancement of surfacing technology in all phases of fabrication spans nearly a century, and is supported with state-of-art laboratory, manufacturing and distribution facilities worldwide. More than offer an extensive line of 9000+ quality products, UPI applies the Science of Surfacing® to all applications. Connect with an applications expert for all surfacing questions.

product information

With a comprehensive catalog of advanced consumables & precision machinery, UPI meets all unique application requirements. Our line of consumables showcases cerium & rare earths, colloidal silica, aluminum oxide, diamond powder, slurries, compounds & more. A complementing selection of pads & polishing media - from abrasive-filled & bonded-diamond tile to felts & synthetics - cover pre-polish to final polish with surface requirements ranging from commercial grade to zero defect.