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Cancellation of the W3+ Fair Rhine Valley 2020 high-tech trade fair

Hamburg, 17.09.2020

W3+ Fair Rhine Valley, which was scheduled to take place as an in-person event on 23 + 24 September 2020 in Dornbirn, has been cancelled. The reason for this is the increasing number of coronavirus infections and the resulting decisions by the Vorarlberg state government with regard to the pandemic.

Instead, we are now planning a digital format: W3+ Fair – inspired by xircus.

Visiting a technological exhibition with exciting new innovations, listening to keynote speakers talk about forward-thinking topics and creating new partnerships with developers – all this can now also be done digitally. FLEET Events is using its new and unique digital platform xircus to design the high-tech trade fair and conference as a live digital event on 02. + 03. december 2020.

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